Functional Medicine

We are not your average doctor’s office.

At Functional Medicine of Idaho, we practice medicine that is focused on finding and treating the root cause of illness.

Get to the Root

Our providers treat the “whole” person and the root cause of disease.

Quality Care

We believe that everyone has the potential to achieve optimal wellness.

Specialty Testing

Results help identify patterns and guide us in choosing therapies.

Patient Focused

We study the individual and their interactions with their environment.

We are the only doctor’s office in the Pacific Northwest that combines primary care with functional medicine to give our patients the ultimate healing experience. Our patients receive evidence-based, functional healthcare that is rooted in the latest research in modern medicine. Our philosophy is that everyone has the potential to achieve wellness, and we want to be a part of your journey to restoring your quality of life and optimizing your health.

Functional medicine is the future of medicine, where providers treat the “whole” person and get to the root cause of disease. By establishing a patient and provider partnership, Functional Medicine of Idaho is transforming healthcare by giving the patient the ultimate power to heal. Functional Medicine efforts focus on the root causes of an individual’s condition and treats those causes.

Payment Options

We are in network with most Blue Cross, Regence, Aetna, Select Health, Pacific Source, Cigna, and Mountain Health Co-op plans. Please call your insurance provider to guarantee coverage. Any insurance not listed above is considered an out-of-network insurance, including: Medicare, Medicaid, United Healthcare, etc. For out-of-network insurances, we are still offering cash pay appointments. Our out-of-network pricing is discounted to match the same price you would pay with the membership. The only difference is that the payments are per appointment rather than a set monthly fee. We accept all HSA and FSA cards as a form of payment. Additionally, our 2020 Membership Options will be rolled out in September.