Women’s Health Minor Procedures

Minor surgical procedures are performed with no or low-dose injectable anesthetic or topical cream anesthetic applied to the site of the procedure.

  • Cervical polypectomy
  • Cook catheter cervical ripening (labor induction)
  • Colposcopy
  • Endometrial biopsy 
  • Freezing or removal of skin lesions
  • Incision & drainage of small vulvar / vaginal cysts and abscesses
  • IUD insertion and removal
  • Nexplanon insertion and removal
  • Removal of fatty tissue lipoma
  • Small vaginal and vulvar biopsies

Minor surgical procedures do not require patient observation following the procedure. Once your procedure is complete, your provider will immediately close any wounds and allow you to leave. In many cases, you can go back to work after your minor procedure.

Women’s Outpatient Surgical Procedures

Outpatient surgical procedures are performed with IV sedation and respiratory assistance, under the supervision of an anesthesia provider.

  • Diagnostic and Operative Hysteroscopy +/- MyoSure, including lysis of uterine adhesions, IUD retrievals, myomectomy, and polypectomy
  • Dilation and Curettage
  • Hymenectomy
  • Large vulvar and vaginal biopsies
  • NovaSure endometrial ablation
  • Scar tissue revisions
  • Reduction labiaplasty

Once your outpatient surgery is complete, you will stay in the office for a 20 – 30 minute observation period.  Please be sure to bring a friend or family member to drive you home after your surgery.

You will be given instructions for taking care of any wounds after you leave. If you get stitches, you may need to book a second appointment for their removal.