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Supplements and Quality Assurance

Over the past few years it has become evident that a quality assurance program is essential for any company that is manufacturing and selling supplements. Recent studies have shown that 70 percent of all supplements have a significant amount of contaminants and these products rarely contain what is stated on the label. If interested, you can request a questionnaire (which asks for the specifics of their quality control process) from our office that you can send to any manufacturer.

Ideally, we should be getting all of our nutritional needs from our food. However, this is difficult to achieve, and concentrated amounts of various nutrients are needed due to the following:

  • Our soil is depleted and the foods do not contain the proper nutrients.
  • The aging process, use of antibiotics, stress, and a variety of toxins decrease our ability to make stomach acid and digestive enzymes, which are essential for absorbing  nutrients. These often must be corrected in order for supplements and nutrients to be absorbed.
  • Imbalances of the digestive tract (including yeast overgrowth, lack of normal bacterial and excess allergens in the diet) cause inflammation and difficulty in processing our food.
  • Genetic and environmental differences affect our levels of toxin accumulation and the processing of nutrients.

Supplements for Sale at FMI Office

Over the past several years, we have selected a variety of supplements from companies that have met strict quality assurance criteria. We stock these products in our office and patients can purchase these supplements for a 15 percent discount off the manufacturer’s listed price. These products Include:

Activnutrients with and without iron
Alamax CR
Hormone Protect
IgG 2000 CWP


Melatonin CR
Optimag Neuro
Zinc Glycinate
Iron Gylcinate

RegeneMax Plus
FitFood Lean Complete, Chocolate & Vanilla
1-5, Vanilla and Chocolate
Probiomax Plus Sachet
Probiomax DF Capsules

  • Nucleo Immune
  • Premier digest


  • Phyto-Multivitamins w/ out iron
  • Inflavanoid
  • Biocidin
  • Elderberry Syrup
  • Theralac (probiotic)
  • Hydrozmye


Our favorite probiotics

Premier Digest – our favorite digestive enzyme for protein absorption Iodoral – High potency iodine tablets for those with iodine deficiencies

Online Supplement Orders and Refills

We offer the same discount for patients who would like to order supplements online or fill a prescription generated online from your provider. Your provider will create an account for you using your name and email address. They will send you an email with the recommended supplements for you to evaluate at home or purchase when you check out at the front desk. You can also use the link to Xymogen or Fullscript on our website (click on either logo on this page to be directed to the sites) to sign in and purchase supplements. Our patients receive a 15 percent discount for all orders and free shipping is included. If you are unable to find a particular product, please contact our office for assistance.