Functional • Integrative • Family Medicine

Primary Care

We provide primary care for the entire family–from pediatrics to geriatrics–in a comfortable and healing environment. Our approach is based on personalized medicine and other key elements of Functional Medicine.

Nutrition Counseling & Support

Meagan Omsberg, LPN, is the head nurse and nutrition consultant for FMI. She received her nutrition training through the Institute of Functional Medicine and health coach training through Real Balance Wellness. Meagan assesses eating patterns, and provides patients with dietary recommendations, education, and support systems to change behaviors and achieve optimum health through improved nutrition.


Acupuncture stimulates your body’s healing energy. When an energy channel in your body becomes blocked, imbalance occurs. Acupuncture works to restore this balance, energize cells and tissues, and rebalance our natural circadian rhythm to promote health and healing.

Group Visits

We offer group visits in a relaxed, informational environment.  We cover a vast array of topics- anti-inflammatory diet, avoiding toxins in our environment, adrenal fatigue, neuroinflammation and cognitive decline, special and specific diets (keto, whole 30, candida cleanse, etc), etc. Please let us know if there is a topic you would like to see covered in a group visit!