Patient Kudos


Functional • Integrative • Family Medicine

Functional Medicine of Idaho has changed my life by giving me the information, education and confidence to control my health and wellness. Since being diagnosed with pre-diabetes (which wasn’t even on the radar of my Internal Medicine provider) based on thorough testing at FMI and personal advocacy, I now eat healthier, exercise smarter, reduce stress and avoid toxins. I have a better understanding of my challenges and how I should tackle those challenges. I truly believe that my life has changed dramatically and will continue to improve with the guidance of the experienced and caring providers at FMI. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Like many executives, I’ve lived a life at “full speed” – wrestling with major issues while I sleep, waking up early for that most important email message, running from one meeting/city/opportunity to the next and doing it all over, day, after day, after day.  I was always capable of creating something new, until the day my body gave out, with literally no energy to do hardly anything.  And, when we looked into the details, we found that my body was using almost all its capacity to fight off type 2 diabetes, low adrenal function, and half the normal levels of B12 and Testosterone; all of the components needed to naturally produce energy.  Thanks to the team at Functional Medicine of Idaho, I have changed my diet, improved my sleeping condition, and am on the rebound to a more fully functioning body and a more rewarding life style.


Before coming to Functional Medicine of Idaho, I had been dealing with months of unexplained heath problems. Amber listened to me and took my symptoms seriously. Following her advice, I made some significant changes to my diet and am also working on lifestyle changes. It’s pretty incredible how much gut health impacts the rest of my body. My stomach issues are nearly gone, I’m sleeping better, and the seasonal allergies I’ve had since childhood are gone. I’m really thankful for Amber’s approach that takes into consideration all parts of life and health.


My family and I have benefited greatly from Functional Medicine and the care given by Amber Warren. Six months ago, at the age of 47, I suffered a heart attack. While the cardiologist was unable to find a reason for my heart attack, Amber was willing to dig deeper, run extra tests, and do whatever was necessary to find the root cause of my problem. Since then, she has helped me get completely off of the Statin drugs prescribed by the cardiologist. I feel healthier and stronger. I don’t have to worry about the side effects of the Statins. Amber is gifted, knowledgeable, and cares deeply about her work and about each patient she sees. I can’t recommend her enough! Thank you for all you do!