We’ve rebranded to Functional Medicine of Idaho

Functional Medicine of Nevada (FMN) is a subsidiary of Functional Medicine of Idaho (FMI), a healthcare clinic that has seen tremendous growth throughout the state of Idaho in the last 5 years. As of November 1, 2021, Functional Medicine of Nevada has been merged into Functional Medicine of Idaho.

All Functional Medicine of Nevada patients will continue to receive ongoing, functional healthcare via telemedicine through Functional Medicine of Idaho. We will no longer provide primary care for Nevada-based patients. We encourage all Nevada-based patients to obtain/retain a local primary care provider to ensure any traditional and acute medical needs will be met outside of our specialty care offering. 

Please note that future communications will come from Functional Medicine of Idaho. For scheduling or questions, please call our main phone line at (208) 385-7711. 

Both Functional Medicine of Idaho and Nevada use an online portal to track all patient records, appointments, and communications. On Monday, November 1, 2021, any records in your Nevada patient portal will be transferred to Idaho’s patient portal. If you are interested in continuing your patient care with us, please send us an email with the subject line, “Continuing Care with FMI” with your full name and phone number to patientcare@funmedidaho.com so that we can send you a new, individualized portal login link.  

Nevada Telemedicine Team

Dr. Holthouse

Dr. Mark Holthouse, MD, IFMCP
Medical Director

Jessica Santos

Jessica Santos, FNP, IFMCP
Adult Functional Practitioner

Lois Payne

Lois Payne, FMCHC, NBC-HWC
Health Coach

Telemedicine Healthcare Services

Adult Care

Patient-centered medicine that addresses the root cause of disease and gives the patient the ultimate power to heal

Health Coaching

Health coaching that helps identify sources of motivation and facilitates successful, sustainable behavior change


Quality supplements that may be used to enhance a treatment protocol or temporarily bridge a nutritional gap

Specialty Testing

Specialized testing to assess nutritional deficiencies, food sensitivities, hormone levels, toxin exposure, and more

Everyone’s health journey looks different.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to quality healthcare. Our team of practitioners, nurses, nutritionists, and health coaches work collaboratively to deliver an individualized, comprehensive healthcare plan for each patient.

Functional medicine takes a patient-centered approach to medicine. We develop a partnership with you, helping to implement a long-term healthcare plan with lifestyle (nutrition, exercise, sleep patterns, toxin exposures, stressors, mental health, etc.) modifications that work for your individual needs and goals. By compiling information on your genetic, biochemical, and lifestyle factors that may be contributing to disease, we help you claim the power to heal your body and achieve your desired state of well-being.

We will no longer be billing insurance for telemedicine visits for Nevada-based patients.

We have transitioned to a self-pay model for all appointment types for Nevada patients. Upon request, we can provide a detailed receipt of payment to submit directly to insurance for reimbursement. All appointment costs are due on the day of service.

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