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Functional Medicine of Idaho – Meridian Wellness Center
2939 West Excursion Lane
Meridian, Idaho 83642


Monday-Friday: 8am-5pm

Phone: (208) 385-7711
Fax: (208) 385-0346

After Hours Patient Care

Please call our office at (208) 385-7711 to be directed to our on-call service, who will contact your FMI provider, if necessary. 

The Meridian Team

Dr. Holthouse

Dr. Mark Holthouse, MD, IFMCP
Medical Director

Dr. Brus

Dr. Mario Brus, MD
Functional Pediatrician

Jessica Bennett, CNM, APRN
Functional Women’s Health & Midwifery

Michael Sermon, PA-C
Adult Functional Practitioner

Olivia Mangeac, PA
Pediatric Functional Practitioner

Janessa Tenney, PA-C, IFMCP
Adult Functional Provider

Nadia Kravchuk, DNP, FNP-C
Pediatric Functional Provider

Lauren Numedahl, RN
Clinical Educator

Annie Sparks, RN
Registered Nurse

Alexis Villaret

Alexis Villaret, MS
Functional Nutritionist

Marianne Green, IFNCP, RD
Functional Nutritionist

Lexi Moore, RD
Functional Nutritionist

Lois Payne

Lois Payne, FMCHC, NBC-HWC
Health Coach

Healthcare & Services at this Location

Adult Care

Patient-centered medicine that addresses the root cause of disease and gives the patient the ultimate power to heal

Women's Health

Proactive, comprehensive healthcare that supports the health and well-being of women in every phase of life

Men's Health

Individualized, science-based healthcare that promotes lasting strength and vitality for men at any age

Pediatric Care

Family-centered care that cultivates the health and growth of children throughout all stages of development

Nutrition Counseling

Personalized nutrition counseling that uses food as a first-line therapy to address the root cause of chronic disease

Health Coaching

Health coaching that helps identify sources of motivation and facilitates successful, sustainable behavior change 


Quality supplements that may be used to enhance a treatment protocol or temporarily bridge a nutritional gap

Specialty Testing

Specialized testing to assess nutritional deficiencies, food sensitivities, hormone levels, toxin exposures, and more

Minor Surgical

In-office, surgical procedures to perform minimally invasive techniques in an outpatient setting

IV Therapy

Customizable, restorative IV therapy treatment to boost energy, enhance immune function, and promote detoxification

Infrared Sauna

Full-spectrum, infrared light therapy treatments that promotes detoxification, reduces inflammation, and rejuvenates cellular function

Ionic Foot Bath

Ionic foot detox bath that promotes cellular detoxification of heavy metals and toxins throughout the body

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