Specialty Testing


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We offer advanced testing to assess the microbiome, adrenal function, hormonal health, nutritional deficiencies, heavy metals, food sensitivities, amino acids, and more.  Click on each test below to learn more about these tests.  We are continually researching new and advancing testing options to add to our toolbox.

Please inquire if you are interested in a test we don’t have listed. Other tests can be performed for prevention and in-depth nutritional and genetic assessment.  Results typically take three weeks. We provide a diagnosis for insurance submission, but insurance may not cover these tests. We provide test kits at no charge and refer to the following labs for testing: (To read about each test in detail, simply click on the desired test.)

Ordering a 23 & MeTest

23andme.com offers an excellent resource for genetic testing. The cost is $199. Insurance does not cover this test and you don’t need a prescription. Check with your benefits administrator to determine if your Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or Health Savings Account (HSA) will cover this test.

The 23andme.com website offers instructions for conducting the test as well counseling on the process and how to proceed with the information you receive. The test consists of two Q-tip-like swabs for swabbing the inside of your mouth.


Save the user name and password you create for 23andme.com. After you receive the test results, visit the website geneticgenie.org and using your 23andme.com user name and password, you can order a Methylation and Detoxification profile for free (or a donation).

Print off the Methylation and Detoxification reports and bring these to the FMI office (please don’t send via e-mail) with a check for $25. We will analyze the tests and create a personalized report. Within two to three weeks, you will be scheduled to meet with your provider to cover the results (visit will be submitted to your insurance for coverage) and determine next steps.

The genetic information provided in your results will help us advise you about supplements, diet, and even lifestyle issues. Analyzing your Methylation biochemistry can determine and decrease cancer risk and help us treat autoimmune disease, depression, anxiety, asthma, fatigue, and other conditions.