General Information

What is functional medicine?

Functional medicine is the future of medicine, where providers treat the “whole” person and get to the root cause of disease. By establishing a patient and provider partnership, Functional Medicine of Idaho is transforming healthcare by giving the patient the ultimate power to heal. Functional Medicine efforts focus on the root causes of an individual’s condition and treats those causes.

Our philosophy for optimum health is based on our belief that everyone has the potential to achieve wellness. We believe that by studying the individual and his or her interactions with their environment (exercise, toxic exposures, sleep patterns, diet, stressors, mental health, and history of disease or dysfunctions), we are better equipped to help our patients achieve improved health and wellness.

Can Functional Medicine of Idaho be my primary care provider?

Adult patients who are in-network are able to select Functional Medicine of Idaho as their primary care provider after they establish themselves as a patient at our clinic. After their initial functional consult, they can then be seen for annual wellness exams and acute visits.

How do I get a prescription refill?

If you need a prescription refill, please call your pharmacy and have them fax us a prescription refill request form. Fax number: (208) 385-0346

New Patient

Is Functional Medicine of Idaho accepting new patients?


To learn more about becoming a new patient, click HERE.

How do I become a new patient?

To become a new patient with Functional Medicine of Idaho, click HERE.

Do I have to be in-person for my first visit?

We are proud to offer telemedicine options for many appointment types. Inquire with our patient care team about these offerings when scheduling your initial appointment.

Billing & Insurance

Does Functional Medicine of Idaho take insurance?

Our team of providers is in network with most Blue Cross, Regence, Aetna, Select Health, Pacific Source, Cigna, and Mountain Health Co-op plans.

Please call your insurance provider to guarantee coverage. Most insurances not listed above are considered out-of-network, including: Medicare, Medicaid, etc.

For out-of-network patients, we can provide you with a detailed bill. We accept all HSA and FSA cards as a form of payment.

What are my options if Functional Medicine of Idaho is out of network or if I don't have insurance?

For out-of-network patients, you can pay cash. Additionally, we can provide you with a detailed bill for most services that contain ICD-10 diagnostic codes and CPT codes for reimbursement. We accept all HSA and FSA cards as a form of payment.

How can I pay my bill online?

To pay your bill online, log in to your Patient Portal, select the Invoices and Payment icon on the right side of the screen, click the red Make Payment $ button, select or enter a credit card, and add the amount you would like to pay. Finally, click the blue Process Payment button to finalize.

If you need a receipt, patient ledger, or would like to make a payment over the phone, please call our billing line directly at (208) 385-7711 x149.

How can I request an itemized ledger?

If you need an itemized ledger for tax purposes or for your HSA account, please email


What is the cancellation policy?

To avoid our no-show fees, please cancel an appointment at least 48 hours (ex. prior to 10am on Thursday to cancel an appointment scheduled for 10am on Monday). The no-show fees for cancelling less than 48 business hours before or not showing up for an appointment are: $150 for new patient appointments and wellnesses, and $100 for all other appointment types.

What is the policy if a patient shows up late for an appointment?

For Adult/Primary Care, Men’s/Women’s Health, Nutrition/Health Coaching, and Pediatric (WCC and Acute) appointments:

  • If you are 3 minutes late for a 15 minute appt, the office policy is to reschedule the appointment.
  • If you are 5 minutes late for a 30 minute appt, the office policy is to reschedule the appointment.
  • If you are 10 minutes late for a 45 minute appt, the office policy is to reschedule the appointment.
  • If you are 15 minutes late for a 60 minute appt, the office policy is to reschedule the appointment.

Although we understand that situations can arise at the last minute that can cause our patients to be late, we also want to provide the best appointment possible with the appropriate amount of time to cover everything. In these cases, we’re more than happy to reschedule.

Shared Medical Visits

What is a shared medical visit (SMV)?

Shared medical visits (SMVs) are hour-long sessions where patients are seen by a provider, nutritionist, or health coach in an educational, interactive, group setting. This improves patient access to care and educational resources, and has been linked to better patient outcomes.

How many people will be in my shared medical visit?

Shared medical visits can vary in size, but no more than 10 patients will be in a session.

May I bring my spouse, kids, or friends to a shared medical visit?

Shared medical visits are group medical experiences designed specifically for functional medicine patients. All FMI patients are welcome to register for shared medical visits, but only patients who have registered will be admitted into the visit. Non-patients or patients who have not registered for this visit will not be allowed to attend.

Please do not share the Zoom link for any virtual shared medical visits. Every registered patient will receive an email directly with the Zoom link for the visit.

When will I be charged for my shared medical visit?

For out-of-network patients, payment for shared medical visits with nutritionists or providers is due at the time of service. 

Because many health insurance companies do not offer coverage for health coaching appointments, this service is considered “cash pay” at Functional Medicine of Idaho, regardless of insurance coverage. Payment is due at the time of service. 

Wellness Department

Can I see Functional Medicine of Idaho just for Nutrition Counseling or Health Coaching?

Only established patients who have had an intake visit with a provider may schedule appointments for nutrition counseling and health coaching.

How do I know if nutrition services are covered through my insurance and may I pay with cash?

Nutrition visit coverage varies largely between insurance companies. Call your insurance company and inquire about how many “preventive” visits are covered annually.

All patients have the option to opt for cash-pay nutrition visits.

Where can I purchase supplements?

You can purchase supplements at both the Boise Clinic and Meridian Wellness Center, or online by going to and logging in to your Throne, Fullscript, or WholeScript account.

Does insurance cover the cost of supplements?

We do accept HSA or FSA for supplement purchases, and we can provide you with documentation upon request. We do not bill insurance for supplements and can not guarantee coverage. 

Women’s Health

What is the difference between a Wellness appointment and a Functional Consult?

GYN Wellness consists of vitals, yearly women’s exam with screenings (PAP, pelvic exam, breast exam) and addresses smaller/less involved concerns or questions. 

Functional Consult consists of vitals and addressing more involved issues, in which specific labs or speciality kits may be ordered. This appointment dives into lifestyle, diet, etc. to get to the root cause of health issues. The provider will create a recommended care plan to make whatever changes necessary for healing (nutrition, health coach, supplements).

Which women's health provider will be able to help with my health concerns?

Jessica Bennett, CNM, APRN is an advanced practice nurse and certified nurse midwife who specializes in full-scope women’s health care, ranging from pregnancy and birth, hormonal imbalance, gut balancing, IBS, food sensitivities, skin issues, PCOS, endometriosis, pelvic pain, etc.

Kristin Gomes, APRN-CNM is a Certified Nurse Midwife with focus on gynecology, labor and birth driven by a desire to promote health, wellness and prevention.

Tamra Geryk, FNP-C, IFMCP is a board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner specializing in Women’s Health with over a decade of experience in Integrative and Functional Medicine. She is dedicated to promoting health through education and personalized care, emphasizing dietary and lifestyle modifications to address core clinical imbalances.


What is the difference between a well child check (WCC) and a functional consult?

A well child check (WCC) is a 15 minute annual wellness exam that covers general health and any milestones for the appropriate age group. 

A functional consult is recommended if you would like to address any chronic health concerns or ongoing behavioral issues. These appointments are 60 – 75 minutes, during which you may discuss nutrition, review any blood work, review specialty kits, and talk about supplementation.

Does Dr. Brus do hospital rounds?

Dr. Mario Brus, MD does not go to the hospital. He accepts pediatric appointments at the Meridian Wellness Center


Who may take advantage of telemedicine?

All established patients of Functional Medicine of Idaho have the option to utilize telemedicine.

What appointment types qualify for telemedicine?

Most provider and health coaching appointment types are offered via telemedicine. Annual wellness exams and acute visits that require a physical exam will be in-person visits.

How is telemedicine billed?

We will bill your telemedicine visit to your medical insurance (if applicable), just like a standard in-person visit to our office. Our office will call you to collect your co-pay within 3 to 5 business days. 

It is the patient’s responsibility to ensure that telemedicine is covered under their policy. 

If you have questions about whether your next appointment may qualify to be a telemedicine visit or would like more information about the process, please call our office at (208) 385-7711.

Where can I find my appointment link?

When your telemedicine visit is scheduled, you’ll receive an email with a secure Zoom link for your appointment. You will also receive a confirmation email that contains your secure Zoom link 24 hours before your appointment.

If you have trouble locating or accessing your Zoom link, please call our office at 208-385-7711.

For specific Zoom questions, please visit our telemedicine page.