Amber Warren, PA-C, one of our Adult Functional Medicine providers and part owner of Functional Medicine of Idaho, spoke with Arn Allemand of the Living Greater Podcast. She discusses how Functional Medicine of Idaho is revolutionizing the healthcare game by offering functional medicine from conception throughout life to our Treasure Valley community.

She deep dives into what differentiates functional medicine from traditional healthcare, and why this type of medicine is truly the future of healthcare. Listen below to hear her elaborate on the importance of gut health, root cause medicine, diet, sleep, healing, and so much more.

Exploring Root Cause Medicine with Amber Warren of Functional Medicine of Idaho

To Optimize your Influence is preparation to give the best of yourself, in that moment, to everyone you are connected to.That's an amazing gift that's rooted in first honoring yourself to better serve those around youOver the coming weeks stay tuned as I share interviews with coaches, entrepreneurs, and amazing individuals who are contributing to their communities and helping people redefine what is possible in their lives through fitness and better health.___This weeks Optimized Influencer, is Amber Warren and Functional Medicine of Idaho, offering complete, integrative, functional medicine to the Treasure Valley.Watch as we dive into the application of functional and integrative medicine, a practice centered in identifying the root cause of disease. Topics of todays interview include: *Gut health & leaky gut syndrome *Root cause medicine *Plant-based diet *The importance of sleep in healing and health…and so much more!JOIN us on this episode, share the interview, and be sure to post your questions and comments below.Register for your free newsletter @ on Facebook @ on Instagram @

Posted by Arn Allemand on Saturday, November 16, 2019


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