New Patient Intake Process

  • Building Your Health Profile

    Before you become a patient with us, we will have you fill out an extensive health profile to find out about your medical, personal, and family history. Having you fill out this information helps us better serve you on your journey to optimal health.

  • Your First Appointment

    During your intake appointment, your provider will hear your story and review your health profile with you to gather the appropriate facts. The two of you will create a lifestyle plan based on your medical history, prior lab testing, current illnesses, ailments, nutrition needs and your goals. *If you choose Functional Medicine of Idaho for primary care, you can schedule your wellness (yearly physical) for your second appointment.

  • Gathering More Information

    After your first appointment, your provider will typically have you complete lab work or specialty testing to help diagnose the root cause of your underlying health concerns. We offer advanced diagnostic testing to assess the microbiome, adrenal function, hormonal health, nutritional deficiencies, heavy metals, food sensitivities, amino acids, and more. These tests help us identify patterns and guide us in choosing the best therapies to help our patients achieve optimal health. We are also continually researching new and advancing testing options to add to our toolbox.

  • Lab Review

    During your second appointment, your provider will review the initial results of any lab or specialized testing you have had done. If we are also your primary care provider, we can also perform a wellness exam (also referred to as a yearly physical) at this appointment.

  • Nutrition & Health Coaching Component

    Any time after your first appointment with your provider, we will have you see one of our nutritionists and health coaches. Together, your team will create an individualized nutrition and lifestyle plan that focuses on optimizing your health. These appointments are a source of great support and accountability during your journey to optimal health.

  • Shared Medical Visits

    Shared medical visits add another layer of support to the patient experience. Nutrition classes, group visits and intensives allow us to combine clinical care, health education, and peer support to better serve our patients. Bringing together a community of like-minded peers allows our patients to connect, support, challenge and cheer each other on towards similar goals. This additional support also improves patient outcomes.

  • Continued Care

    From this point, we allow you to set the pace for the amount of check ins and follow ups with your care team that you think will best serve your journey back to health. At Functional Medicine of Idaho, we love being a part of your health journey and are available for accountability, further education, and ongoing support as you continue to optimize your health.