David Musnick, MD of the Eagle Clinic of Functional Medicine of Idaho will talk about how to heal the brain after head injuries. He has developed a functional and integrative method that is very successful. He has created a brain healing diet and will reveal and serve samples of his brain-power smoothie and brain-boosting pesto! You will also learn about EMF, sleep, exercise, and the best supplements to take for the brain.

Dr. Musnick is a Head Injury specialist as well as a Sports Medicine and Functional Medicine medical doctor. He has written a book chapter for Integrative Neurology on the integrative approach to healing the brain after head injury. His methods work both soon after and in the chronic stages of head injuries and in Cognitive Impairment. Dr. Musnick also has expertise in Cognitive Impairment, ADD, and many other brain-based disorders.


The Brain Health Class with Dr. David Musnick will be held on March 19th 2022 from 1:00pm – 2:00pm at the Boise Co-Op Village Location: 2350 N Eagle Road Meridian, ID 83646.


This class is FREE to Boise Co-op Members. For non-members, the price is $10 per ticket. To purchase tickets, click here