FMI’s Experts Discussion Video

Our Medical Director, Director of Nutrition Education and Adult Functional Practitioner/Owner sat down to discuss the latest data behind COVID-19. Now that many of you are home with your families in an attempt to “flatten the curve,” learn what you can do to stay healthy and prevent transmission of this virus.

Healthcare Straight to Your Home

As we continue to provide our patients and community with the best possible healthcare throughout these unprecedented times, we are proud to offer telemedicine appointments for all functional medicine appointments (aside from wellnesses), acute COVID-19 appointments, other sick visits, and nutrition and health coaching appointments as well. ⁣Existing patients, please call our office at 208-385-7711 to schedule a telemedicine appointment. New patients, click the Start Here button to begin the Registration Process.

Upcoming Virtual Group Visits & Meet-ups

Our upcoming virtual group visits and meet-ups will educate on various topics to keep your body at its healthiest throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Curious about how Intermittent Fasting can boost your health and immunity? Have a pre-existing condition that makes you at a higher risk for COVID-19? Learn more about each of these exciting upcoming groups and secure your spot today!

All Things COVID-19 Blog

Read the latest blog from our Medical Director, Dr. Mark Holthouse on All Things COVID-19. He has compiled a list of behaviors and lifestyle modifications that can help minimize your risk and keep you safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. Although our goal is to help prevent you from becoming ill, we also want you to be prepared and know what to potentially expect. Swipe through these infographics to learn all of his helpful tips and check out his latest blog for more information.

Optimizing Immunity with Nutrition

Nutrition is imperative in optimizing immunity. We provide our patients with personalized nutrition plans that include protective antioxidants, phytonutrients, amino acids, and other inflammation-reducing foods to help them stay healthy and feel their best. Remember, you can only feel as well as you fuel! To schedule with one of our nutritionists, please call our office at 208-385-7711. These appointments are available via telemedicine as well!

Immune Boosting Supplements Blog

We carry a wide variety of high-quality, guaranteed pure, and efficiently absorbable supplement brands that go above and beyond what you can buy online or off the shelf. Out of our supplement selection, read what we recommend to boost and reinforce the immune system response.