Audio Visual Entrainment (AVE) helps patients concentrate, become more relaxed and sleep better. Dr. Musnick works with patients who suffer from ADHD, depression, and anxiety and the AVE approach may be an alternative option to typical medications that are used for treatment. AVE uses eyesets to flash lights at the eyes and headphones to pulse tones to the ears at various frequencies from 1 to 25 Hz to influence brainwave activity. The brain speeds up or slows down to follow the stimuli. These sound and light frequencies entrain the brain, synchronizing its rhythms to induce a meditative state. This process also increases blood flow to the brain and metabolizes glucose to improve the communication between neurons. Consistent use of the AVE system trains the brainwaves to respond appropriately in situational circumstances, often helping an individual to focus, improving sleep and mood. Ultimately, the session calms the Central Nervous System, promoting a meditative, optimal brain state.

Dr. Musnick has 25 years of experience in Functional Medicine and has achieved a high level of experience and expertise with many health conditions. For more information about AVE, contact the Functional Medicine of Idaho Eagle clinic or schedule a consultation with Dr. Musnick.

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