Our team of providers is in network with most Blue Cross, Regence, Aetna, Select Health, Pacific Source, Cigna, and Mountain Health Co-op plans.

Additionally, our OB/GYN Dr. Hudson is also in network with most United and Tricare plans, and our Pediatrician Dr. Brus is also in network with Tricare. Please call your insurance provider to guarantee coverage.

In Network Information:

Every insurance plan is different. To help you determine what your plan will cover at our office, we have put together a list of common appointment, lab and diagnostic codes used for billing purposes. We recommend calling your insurance and asking about the coverage of these commonly used codes:

– Appointment billing codes: 99358, 99354, 99205, 99215, 99214, 99213, and 99404.
– Diagnostic (ICD 10) codes: R53.83, E55.9, Z00.00, E03.9, Z13.1, R14.0, Z13.6, E06.3, and F41.9.
– Functional lab CPT codes: 80053, 85025, 84443, 84481, 84439, 84482, 86800, 86376, 80061, 83090, 86141, 84402, 84403, 82670, 82679, 82627, 84144, 83540, 83550, 83516, 82784, 83735, 82784, 82397, 82533, 86038, 85651, 86431, 84550, 83970, 81256, 83022, 83001, 82150, 82728. 82306, 82607, 82746, 83525, and 83036.

Out of Network Information:

Most insurances not listed above are considered out-of-network, including: Medicare, Medicaid, etc. For out-of-network patients, we offer a 15% cash discount for appointments. Additionally, we can provide you with a detailed bill for most services that contain ICD-10 diagnostic codes and CPT codes for reimbursement. We accept all HSA and FSA cards as a form of payment.

Labs and Specialty Kits:

Labs can cost up to $1,700 per scheduled draw. Depending on your insurance coverage, these costs may partially or completely go towards your deductible.

Group Education Billing:

Group education includes our shared medical visits, intensives, series, and group visits. Our in-network patients will pay a copay for each office visit included in the group education (ex. If an Intensive has four appointments, the patient will be billed per visit). For out of network/cash pay patients, our group education programs have a set fee that includes all of the program’s visits. Additionally, some of our series and intensives have a registration fee to cover additional materials provided throughout the event and to secure your spot in the program.

FSA & HSA Cards:

To pay for your consultations and laboratory fees, you may use your Health or Flexible Savings Account (HSA, FSA).