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Over the past few years it has become very evident that  a quality assurance program is essential for any company manufacturing supplements. Recent studies have shown that about 70% of all supplements do not have what they say is in them or have significant contaminants.

We have a questionnaire that you can send to any manufacturer which asks for the specifics of their quality control process.

Ideally we should be getting all our nutritional needs from our food. For the following reasons this does not always happen and more concentrated amounts of various nutrients are needed:

Our soil is depleted and the foods do not contain the proper nutrients.

The aging process, use of antibiotics, stress, and a variety of toxins  decrease our ability to make stomach acid and digestive enzymes which are essential for absorbing  nutrients. These must often be corrected for supplements to be absorbed as well as nutrients.

Imbalances of the digestive tract including yeast overgrowth, lack of normal bacterial and excess allergens in the diet cause inflammation and difficulty processing our food. Genetic and environmental differences affect our levels of toxin accumulation and the processing of nutrients.

Order Supplements

Purchase products through our HealthWave virtual dispensary.

We rarely get the 6 – 8 recommended servings of fruits and vegetables each day.

Over the past several years we have gradually selected and carried a variety of supplements that we have stocked at the office.  At this time we are pleased to direct you to a separate web site for online purchase of many more supplements that Dr. Gail has selected and is comfortable recommending.

These are all from companies that have met the quality assurance criteria that we feel are so important. You will get a 15% discount over the manufacturers listed price which should be similar to what we have been offering at the office. These supplements will be shipped directly to you. We will add to that list monthly as new supplements become available. Here is how this works:

Online Supplement Orders and Refills


Your practitioner will create an account for you using your name and email address at your appointment. They will send you an email with the recommended supplements that you can evaluate at home or purchase when you check out at the front desk. You can also use the link to Fullscript on our website to sign in and make an order. This is a very user friendly site and if you cannot find a particular product please contact your practitioner.

A phone message works well. We have created categories of recommended supplements to help you find the highest quality at the best price. The office site has a discount associated with it (15%) to keep the cost of high quality supplements at a minimum. There is free shipping depending on the size of your order.

We are continuing to stock many Xymogen products as the quality is very high and many of their products are unique. You may use their online ordering by going to and using the code “geberharter”. We have discounted the prices at the office from the beginning so you will find the website is more expensive but it does have convenience.

We will continue to stock the following supplements at the office as they are not offered through the on-line vendor:

Klaire’s Lab and Theralac – the two best probiotics we have found.

Premier Digest – our favorite digestive enzyme for help in absorbing protein.

Iodoral – High potency  iodine tablets for those shown to be deficient.

Please leave a message on the answering machine that you would like to pick up more of these supplements our staff will let you know when they are ready for pick up (usually within 48 hours). It is often difficult for us to have walk in requests to fill supplements. Hopefully the on-line option will help for your convenience and our efficiency.


We are very interested in using the wisdom of plant medicine as much as possible.

We will be happy to share information about plant based supplements and herbal remedies.