Functional Medical Tests

Over the past 15 years, we have gathered information about tests which have proven helpful to patients for solving chronic symptoms for which they have found no help.

These problems frequently involve the digestive system, the immune system, hormone functioning, nutritional deficiencies or toxicity. These tests can also be used for prevention and in depth nutritional and genetic assessment if desired.  For one reason or another traditional Western medicine has ignored these tests and therefore insurance companies will not pay for them although we provide a diagnosis so you can submit them if you wish.  Our office does not charge for these tests – the kits are provided free to us and you pay the lab directly with a check or credit card.

We recommend that you do not have the lab submit to your insurance because it will raise the price and insurances rarely pay for these tests.  Results take about three weeks for most tests and we ask for an office visit to go over the results unless it is a follow up test.

We attempt to choose the highest quality lab test for the best price to recommend and stock. Of course prices change and products of these companies change.  Please refer to the web link for each test to read about it in detail and feel free to explore the web sites of each of these excellent lab companies.

To read about each test in detail just click on the desired test. If you are interested in any particular test we are happy to quote the labs current price and arrange to do it.