Dr. Gail and N.P. Kathy have been testing and treating delayed hypersensitivity to food for many years and we continue to be amazed at how many problems are related to our digestive tract being inflamed and irritated. These sensitivities may be genetic problems but are more likely to be acquired sensitivities from repetitive exposure to the same foods, chronic stress and antibiotics. People are becoming much more aware of what is in processed foods and how often they might be ingesting powdered milk, high fructose corn syrup and wheat flour to name a few. We use the IgG and IgE blood test from Meridian Valley Lab. This test and the treatment of food ‘allergies’ and leaky gut with diet and appropriate supplements have totally eliminated many patient’s asthma, allergies, eczema, and digestive problems. It can also make it easier to treat other inflammatory conditions such as arthritis.

SCREENING TESTS: Dr. Gail and N.P. Kathy review the appropriate screening tests for your age and family history at the annual exam.